StudentsPlace 4u

Residence for students in Crissier

Ideal and practical location
The residence is located in Crissier, close to all public transport modes. You will be able to travel easily and quickly to attend university or conduct your daily activities. Enjoy the convenience of having everything you need nearby.

An ever-changing environment
The complex will soon benefit from the new soft mobility route between municipal infrastructures. Live in a dynamic and burgeoning environment where all of the region’s opportunities are within reach.

138 furnished studios

The residence is comprised of 138 furnished and semi-equipped studios for students.
3 types of studios are available with an underground car park and bicycle parking spaces.

Services and Comfort

Shared lounges to meet up
On the 1st, 2nd and 4th floors, shared lounges where you can meet up with fellow residents are at your disposal. These meeting spaces are perfect to enjoy some time with your neighbours.

Loggias to enjoy the outdoors
The 4th floor boasts loggias with an incredible view over the surrounding landscape. These private outdoors areas are perfect to relax and enjoy the sun.
Access card to the residence

Storage cubby


Daily cleaning service in studios


Outdoor bicycle parking spaces and paid indoor spaces


High-speed Internet access

Civil Liability insurance, personal belonging and furniture insurance against fire and natural risks

Optional services

- Underground parking space
- Collective laundry rooms with modern equipment to wash and dry laundry
- Resident tax for residents not domiciled in Crissier (37/month)



Chemin de Mongevon 4, 1023 Crissier


The residence is located at the heart of a developing neighbourhood and is close to all commodities and shops.
The complex will benefit from the new “green lane” soft mobility route between municipal infrastructures in the Lentillières-Nord residential neighbourhood.

Bus stop
3 mins away on foot
Underground station
24 mins away on foot
23 mins away by bus
Geneva Airport
38 mins away by car

I need a room urgently, how should I proceed?

To book a room in our residence, you will need to book a studio on our website depending on availability. We will process your request as soon as possible.

Is StudentPlace4U for me?

Students, interns, doctoral students are all welcome here. To book a studio, you must be enrolled at a university or school.

What documents do I need to book?

- a completed application form on the residence website
- a copy of the tenant and/or guarantor’s ID or passport
- a certificate of pre-enrolment or enrolment at a university or school
- a copy of a residence permit or certificate of residence permit application for residents in Member States of the European Union and a certificate of visa application for residents in countries outside the European Union (for foreigners having been in Switzerland for more than 3 months only)
- a copy of an extract from the debt enforcement register for persons residing in Switzerland for more than 3 months only
- a copy of the guarantor’s last tax notice
- a copy of the guarantor’s last three payslips

What is a guarantor?

A guarantor is a person who accepts responsibility for you in respect of the landlord for the studio rental or rent payments.
For example, a guarantor may be a relative, a friend, etc.

How much is the rental guarantee, and how can I pay?

The deposit is 3 times the cost of monthly rent and may be lodged with a deposit organisation such as Firstcaution or a banking institution in Switzerland.

What is the difference between a rental guarantee certificate with an organisation such as Firstcaution and a bank guarantee lodged with a bank?

Rental guarantee certificate, such as a Firstcaution certificate:
1) For Swiss residents, payment of an annual premium calculated at 5% of the amount of the
guarantee requested + fees of CHF 20 and federal insurance stamp duty.

2) For foreign residents, payment of a deposit to the amount of 50% of the guarantee requested paid into a bank account + registration fees. The amount paid will be blocked for the duration of occupancy of the studio.

Rental guarantee with a bank:
1) Payment of the amount of the bank guarantee to a Swiss bank of your choosing. The amount paid
Will be blocked for the duration of occupancy of the studio.

When must I pay this?

The deposit must be lodged, and the first rental payment must be made before the start of occupancy according to the information provided to you.
The following rental payments must be made per month or quarter, in advance, in accordance with the lease, to the property management company before the 5th of every month.

What is the minimum rental period? Can the contract be renewed?

The minimum rental period is 12 months.

Can I move into the studio before the start of the rental?

As a general rule, you cannot move into the studio before the lease start date.

Can I visit the rooms in advance before choosing my studio?

We can organise a visit of the studios on request.
Sometimes the studio visited is a similar example since the one chosen is still occupied.

When will my rental guarantee be returned to me?

The rental guarantee will only be released when all rent payments have been made and all bills to the tenant have been settled.

How can I decorate my studio?

The tenant may decorate their accommodation as they wish. However, none of the furnishings provided may be removed from the studio.

Can I hang art and paint the walls?

Drilling and painting the studio’s walls is prohibited.

Dog, cat, mouse – Which animals can I bring with me?

Animals are not allowed in our buildings. The presence of an animal in your accommodation can be grounds for termination of your lease.

Where can I park my bicycle?

You will find plenty of bicycle parking spaces outside the residence.

Do I need to register in the new city?

Do I need to register in the new city?

Can I sub-let my room?

Sub-leases are generally not authorised.
However, we may make exceptions for university exchange programmes.

Can I have visitors?

Visits are authorised from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., please be mindful of other residents and do not make too much noise in your studio, hallways or shared areas within the residence. Where problems arise, the caretaking service, guard service or other agents instructed by the owner may ask your guest(s) to leave the premises.
However, and subject to the residence manager’s explicit authorisation, visitors may be housed by the tenant for a maximum of 7 days per period of 12 months. Non-compliance with this clause may result in termination of the lease.

Do I need to register to use shared areas?

You may use shared areas at any time, in compliance with the terms for use communicated to you.

I don’t like cleaning. Is there an on-call cleaning service?

You may ask for a cleaning service to be put in place at your cost at the reception desk.

Are there washing machines and dryers?

Yes, laundry rooms with washing machines and dryers are available in the residence.
Their use is strictly reserved for residence tenants, for a fee.
The reception desk will be more than happy to provide you with information on how to use the machines.

Where are bins and waste kept?

A bin storage room is available inside the residence.

Can I bring my mattress from home?

No, a mattress is provided and is an integral part of your studio.

I plan to vacate my accommodation, what should I do?

Please send us a registered letter signed by all leaseholders.
We must receive this letter according to the contractual schedule set out. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Can I also move out before my notice period expires?

You may be released of your obligations only if you propose a solvent tenant, the new lease is signed, and the first rental payment and rental guarantee is provided by the replacement tenant. Where necessary, we can also help you to find a replacement tenant.